Thursday, January 2, 2014

Greeks: My Family Away From Home

by Grant W., Panther Blogger

As families all over the nation came together to celebrate this holiday season, I thought in amazement at the love families bring to one another. In the same sense, the local Greek system at Ferrum College has offered me this same sense of companionship.  I am currently the president of Mu Sigma Chi (Men Serving Christ), a Christian fraternity on campus. We are a Brotherhood based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and are active members in social, college, and community life.  We may not be conventional, but our goal is to promote the name of Jesus Christ.

We help each other grow stronger in our beliefs and grow closer together in a Christian brotherhood.  "We are all about spiritual growth!"

This group of amazing individuals has brought some of the best times to my life and offered a family away from home, in every sense of the word.  This sense of family not only reaches out from my own brotherhood, but also from all of the members of the local Greek community at Ferrum.  We truly stick together and look out for each other on campus.  Many of our lifelong friends are found within this tight-knit group.

The brothers of Mu Sigma Chi (MEX) recently had the chance to meet Ferrum's new chaplain, who will also be MEX's new advisor.  President Braaten graciously opened her home up to us and various members of our faculty and staff to meet our new chaplain, Dr. Jan Nicholson.  The event allowed us time to get to know our newest faculty member.  We concluded with a tour of campus and a group prayer.  I look forward to the new, tasteful insights that Dr. Nicholson will bring to Ferrum. 

If you are looking into Ferrum College as your future home and alma mater, I recommend you look at the biggest family on campus -- the Greeks!  They will change your life!  And look out for the awesome new things that our newest faculty addition will bring to Ferrum's Campus Ministries!