Friday, February 5, 2016

From Madrid to Ferrum: Six Months of Fulbright Adventures in the U.S.

Christmas at Ferrum College¡Hola! It’s been six months since I arrived to Ferrum! Six months full of first times: my first time in the United States, my first Día de los muertos, my first Thanksgiving, my first Christmas away from home, and the first time I got stuck at home due to the snow!!! Different experiences that have changed me and that have made me enjoy life in a different way.

Since I did not go home for Christmas, during the Winter Break I was traveling around the United States: Washington DC, Minnesotta, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. I got the chance to visit old friends and also to make new friends.

In Washington I attended a Fulbright conference in which I gave a presentation about how to teach Spanish with other Spanish FLTAs. The conference was amazing, 401 people from all over the world who are currently teaching their home languages in the States. In Minnesota I spent Christmas with one of my dearest friends, Amanda. After, I went to the South with my friend Francesca, who is an Italian FLTA in North Carolina. We visited some other FLTAS who are teaching Turkish and Russian in Austin, Tx.

Now that we are already in the second semester, I am so looking forward to teaching my new classes and to the new challenges. I am really looking forward to doing a bit more traveling here in Virginia.