Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take Back The Night by Courtney Joyce

Take Back The Night is an annual event on Ferrum College campus. As I helped plan this event, it moved me and made me realize how big an issue this is.
In many domestic violence cases there is more than one person impacted. Often, there is a child involved as well. So the violence is not only hurting the abused spouse or significant other, it is hurting the child.

This can affect children by making them turn to violence or act out in school. Domestic violence is not the only issue upon which Take Back the Night shines a light. It also recognizes sexual abuse victims.

Sexual abuse can happen at any age. In many cases, sexual abuse happens at the hands of someone that the victim knows. It is not unusual for the abuser to be a family member or a close friend. That often results in the victim not wanting to report the incident. Keeping these things to themselves only causes them more problems.

Take Back The Night is a great event for people to tell their stories, and see people being supportive of them. Several of the speakers this year will be telling their story for the first time. These speakers are amazing and the situations they have survived have only made them stronger.

I believe victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse become stronger as they realize they have a support system and people support the decisions they have made no matter what they are.

I encourage you to attend the Ferrum College Take Back the Night program Monday October 24, in Vaughn Chapel. We will have speakers and light refreshments.