Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tiny Dancers Perform Spring Recital With Ferrum College Students

By Sarah Hendrix

Dr. Shannon Hardwicke’s Organization and Administration of Sports (HHP 402) class completed a semester long project, in which we developed, instructed, and showcased a dance program. With the leadership of Michael Rucinski and in partnership with the Ferrum YMCA, Ferrum’s Tiny Dancers was formed. Local children had the opportunity to go through 11 weeks of rehearsal, and then a recital in which five dances were performed. Each week, HHP 402 students and Michael met with two different classes of three children each, split based on age and grade, and every other Saturday, the recital was rehearsed. The HHP 402 students taught these classes on a three-week rotation, with facilitation from Michael.

All of the hard work led to the recital that took place on Friday, April 15th. The recital was at 7 p.m. and lasted about thirty minutes, with five dances being performed. The “Birthday Song,” by Katy Perry was performed first with the whole 402 class and also all of the children dancing in this performance. The other songs that the 402 class danced in were “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson and “Men In Black,” by Will Smith. The younger girls danced in “Men In Black” and “Dance With Me Tonight,” by Olly Murs, while the older girls danced in “Country Girl,” by Luke Bryan and “Thriller.” 

We were able to talk to one of the parents and director of the Ferrum YMCA, Kameron Kitts, after the dance recital, this is what he said, “It was really good considering what we had, it wasn’t a huge crew and we didn’t have but a few months to put something together. I think everybody did a good job! There was a whole team effort there, much more than what I was anticipating when I first reached out to Dr. Hardwicke about the program.” The recital was very nice and had several parents and students in attendance who were able to enjoy the reception afterwards that was held by the HHP 402 class.