Friday, April 28, 2017

My Health and Human Performance Internship: An Internship That Led Me to the Next Step After Graduation

By Sarah Hendrix

This past semester I completed my 400-hour internship and had the privilege of working with our athletic training staff here at Ferrum. I went in to the internship unsure of what I was going to be doing after I graduated in May, but during my internship, I was able to find that out. I learned something new almost everyday; it did not matter if it was with my supervisor athletic trainer or another trainer in the athletic training room. I was able to stretch people, make them ice bags, help correct their movements during rehab, and so on, but I also learned some about the paperwork side of things. Luckily, being an athlete here, I could see how the paperwork was done because I was shown on my file. I was able to help out with two great teams and their coaches here on campus, the baseball and women’s basketball teams. I helped out with other sports too when I could, but those two teams were the main two I helped with during my internship.

Over the semester I had been thinking about applying to Bridgewater College to further my education, because at the end of the fall semester, our HHP department told me about the articulation agreement we had just made with Bridgewater College for their Master of Science in Athletic Training Program. I ended up applying right before spring break, the head professor called me and we discussed a few questions I had and he said he would get back to me with some answers. When he got back to me, he had answers, but also wanted me to come in for an interview and I went for one over spring break. The following week they called and offered me admission into the program, but I discussed it with my family before I made the decision a week later to attend Bridgewater. I am excited, but it is crazy to think that I am already at the point in my life to be attending Graduate School.

Needless to say, my internship here, in the athletic training room at Ferrum, helped lead me to what I will be doing after graduation. I did not know that I was going to be this interested in athletic training until my internship. I knew being an athlete through college that I was not ready to be away from the world of sports yet, so I had thought about coaching with whatever was next for me. I have always wanted to help people and with athletic training I can help the athletes I work with, but I also am able to stay around the sports world. This opportunity for graduate school fell into my lap at a perfect time because my internship made me realize that this was the next step for me. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with some great coaches, athletes, professors, and especially the athletic training staff here at Ferrum College. I thank all of them for helping prepare me for the next step in my career path. I look forwards to expanding my knowledge in the athletic training world when I get to Bridgewater College.