Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Folklife Festival 2010 = Success.

If you were at the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival this year you saw a lot. A lot of people. A lot of food. A lot of animals. A lot of community.

The festival was moved this year to be more on the west side of campus -- nearer its host the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum. It made the crowds look a little bigger because people were more clustered -- but initial indications were that the crowd actually was bigger.

Festival coordinator Roddy Moore received estimates from the state police that put the number of people between 10-12 thousand.

Beyond the numbers, many of the food vendors told me they simply ran out of food. Attendees seemed understanding, while those looking to raise money for say, the local church, were tickled to death.

If you've never seen the mule jumping competition, you owe it to yourself to see it at least once -- but beware, you're likely to want a return engagement.

This year's car show was exceptionally strong -- and the antique tractors and crafts were amazing.

If you didn't see the hand carved rattlesnake on the side of a walking stick with each scale carved and painted -- you would think it couldn't be done.

"I wouldn't take less than $500 for it," was the answer when I inquired about the price. If he had said $10,000 it wouldn't have surprised me. Amazing stuff.

Keep an eye on for additional information on the Festival. We are working on a short video for our YouTube channel on a Ferrum Alum who designed a turkey call from a piece of slate and a turtle shell. Photos from the event are also available on the front page of the website.

Thanks to all who came.