Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

For a while I thought this was a college without any students.

OK—not really. But for the first month I was here, where there was snow and wind and cold temperatures, you could drive a snowplow through campus and not hit anyone.

Students and faculty were running from building to building bundled up and mostly miserable. The grounds were covered with snow, and the wind was whipping around the brick buildings and across the ice on the lake while the gray skies offered zero reason for optimism.

Now at last, the sun is out and so is the campus community. Students are sitting outside the buildings and soaking in campus life. If nothing else they are out on the grounds instead of hiding in their dorms or classrooms. Life after spring break is much different—and better.

It is with that in mind that I offer the beginnings of the Ferrum College blog. It is to Public Relations what Spring has been to the semester—something new and refreshing and hopefully—like the sun—something that will draw the Ferrum Community far and near from their hiding spots.

There are so many worthwhile things to talk about on this campus that may not make the paper or the 6 p.m. news. But this space, along with our new Facebook Fan page (please become a fan) and a soon to come YouTube channel—not to mention an improved website will allow Ferrum to the rest of the world know what a great place this is.

Please use the comment section to help me further tell the story—or if I get it wrong to refute it.

Feel free to contact me a

Thanks for reading and for spreading the word about Ferrum College.

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