Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spanish Fashion Show: Another Salute to Cultural Diversity at Ferrum

Ferrum College Public Relations Intern Meagan Hodges (below) recently joined other students in a fashion show -- presented in Spanish! Her take on the event is our latest blog.

The first annual Spanish Fashion Show was held Wednesday, February 23 in the Grousebeck Auditorium. Organized by Spanish Professor, Patty Suppes, along with her students in Spanish 102, the show was a lively way to showcase cultural diversity and help students feel more comfortable with speaking in a different language. She got the idea from a friend that does a show similar to this every year, and it’s a big hit at that college. Being a student in this elementary level of Spanish, I thought the fashion show was a “perfect fit” because we were learning about clothing and accessories at the time of the show.

Each student in the class chose an outfit and wrote a detailed description of what they planned to wear in Spanish. On the day of the show, students swapped descriptions so that they could present someone else as they walked down the stairs in the auditorium and onto the “runway”. Outfits ranged from the casual, to the formal, to the bizarre. Ferrum student, Sierra Hampton, wore an outfit suitable for a rainy day with boots and a rain coat. Another student, Jessica Goad, wore a beach-style dress with flip-flops perfect for summer. Ferrum Junior, Isaac Hawks, dressed as a lumberjack. It was exciting to see students’ creativity and style come out through their choice of attire, and to see them interacting with one another and the crowd in the Spanish language.

Overall, the turnout was a bit disappointing, but Professor Suppes plans to make the Spanish Fashion Show a yearly event. She hopes to see more and more students interested in cross-cultural activities and learning new languages. Students Elise Foster and Kristian Green said that the show was a fun learning experience, so hopefully next year more students will have the same reaction. Activities like these are among the many reasons that make me proud to be a well-rounded Ferrum student!

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