Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snowboarding and St. Patrick's Day

by Chris L., Panther Blogger

Hullo everyone!  I've been very busy lately doing lots of assignments.  However, I got the chance to go snowboarding with Ferrum Outdoors Club, and it was so good!  I've skied before in Italy but never snowboarded.  I got a lesson but still found it very difficult.  I could only seem to turn left and not turn right!  My body was in agony afterward because I fell so many times!  It was an extremely good value, plus in Ireland, we don't have any ski slopes, so it was nice to do something I wouldn't get the chance to do at home.

Monday the 17th of March was Saint Patrick's Day.  I was so happy when I woke up and read the email that classes were cancelled because in Ireland, it is a national holiday, so everyone gets the day off.  People on campus may have seen me walking about with my leprechaun hat as I wanted to remind myself of home and to signify that I am proud of my country.

It is hard to believe that I have only 6 weeks left of my year abroad in the USA - time went by so fast.  In some ways, I will be glad to go home to see my family and friends!  However, I will miss Ferrum greatly, and the friends I have made here will be lifelong friends. The whole experience of a different educational system has been an eye opener and a great experience.  If I had to choose between studying in Ireland or the USA, I would pick the USA because you guys seem to have an education system with more gradual assessments and many more chances to improve your work and grades than I would have at my home university.

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