Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reflecting on my 4 Years at Ferrum

by Rachel W., Panther Blogger

Is this really the beginning of my final semester of college?  There is no way 4 years went by so fast!  I don't want to believe it.  I have started a 400-hour internship at a local hospice agency near my hometown!  I'm a commuter student now and am spending a little less time on Ferrum's beautiful campus, which is extremely bittersweet.

As I reflect on the past few years here at Ferrum and ponder about my future, I realize there are a few things I wish I could go back and tell my freshman self:
  1. Get some sleep, but not too much sleep!  It's important to balance fun and school work. There are times where I should have just shut my door and went to sleep, and there are times when I probably should have let myself have a little more fun!
  2. Do better in your freshman classes!  You don't think they matter that much until you're down to the wire calculating what your final GPA will be and whether or not you will graduate with honors or get into your program's honors society.  Luckily last year, I was inducted into Phi Alpha, a national honors society for social work majors, but a part of me wishes I would have tried a little harder in my freshman math class.
  3. Remember your parents have feelings too.  I was my parents' only child for 18 years.  When I graduated high school and moved to college, they missed me so much that they decided to adopt two more!  Okay, maybe it was planned exactly like that, but nonetheless, it's important to call home and let your parents know you're okay.  They took care of you for a long time and it's nice to remind them they did a good job!  (Thank you, Mom and Dad!)
All in all, Ferrum as been one of the best experiences of my life!  I wouldn't trade my college experience for anything else in this world, and part of me will always call Ferrum College home.  I'm excited and nervous about the future, but I know that Ferrum has prepared me for my future.  Thank you, Jennie, Martha, Peg, Susie, Dr. Reilly, and the many more who have shaped my college career!

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