Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Plans!

by Blake S., Panther Blogger

I can't believe that it's finally here, but my first year at Ferrum College is coming to an end. After reflecting and looking back at the past two semesters and how fast they have gone, I'm beginning to realize just how precious and valuable time really is. This has encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way to ensure that each minute is well-spent, allowing me to enjoy and look back at my life later on and have a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Light art from Ferrum College's Digital Photography course
To begin this process, I have applied to various programs and activities to keep me busy throughout this summer. A few of the activities that I will be participating in are the Science of Crime E-Term course, the Microbiology Research Education for Undergraduates program at nearby Virginia Tech, and Resident Assistant training. These events are not only great for providing a fun and enjoyable summer, but also aid in building a strong and unique resume. However, I would not have been introduced to any of these affairs had it not been for the professors here on the Ferrum College campus. This shows just how dedicated the faculty and staff are to helping their students become successful, providing rare opportunities that will be very beneficial and help them stand out among the crowd.

Exploring a mall in
Roanoke with friends

The Science of Crime E-Term is a three-week class experience in which I, along with a great group of friends, will get to learn about the scientific principles behind forensic criminal investigations. A few of the aspects we will be learning about include fingerprint detection and identification, blood analysis, and ink and handwriting analysis. We will also get to take a trip to the University of Tennessee's body farm -- a unique lab that studies the stages of human decomposition and how decomposition is affected by different environments. This is a definite highlight for the summer.

After the E-Term course, I get to attend the Microbiology Research Education for Undergraduates program at Virginia Tech. This is a rare opportunity in which I will be able to perform microbiological research alongside a professional mentor and professor at the university. Throughout the program, I will learn new laboratory techniques, be introduced to new pathogenic bacteria, and make professional presentations about everything I learn over the course of the program. Along with being given this unbelievable and awesome chance to build my resume and make new connections, we are being provided with free housing, meals, and a $5,000 stipend!  What more could one ask for?

Finally, I will get to undergo resident assistant training to prepare for being a resident assistant this upcoming fall semester. For those of you who are going to be students at Ferrum and living in Bassett Hall, there is a good possibility that I will have the honor of learning who you are and help you with any sort of problems you may have. I'm greatly looking forward to this, mainly because I will get to make new friends and act as a mentor for them, helping them to learn the ins and outs of Ferrum College and learn their full potential.

As you can see, it's going to be a very long and eventful summer, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to letting everyone know how these programs go and what all I learn from them. I hope everyone has a great and relaxing summer, and we hope to see you in the fall!

- Blake

The Corvette Club passing by Ferrum College

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