Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Anatomy & Physiology Practicum

by Brittany G., Panther Blogger

There are so many classes at Ferrum that you can take in order to gain a better knowledge and courage in what you may want to do when you graduate. One of the best classes I have been a part of is a Practicum for Anatomy & Physiology.  It requires you to take the actual class and get referred by the professors to help the next class in the upcoming year. Completing the class the first time and getting enrolled into Practicum served as a teaching aide not only for the professors, but also for me and the new class of students taking the course for the first time.  It helped me gain a confidence in my knowledge of the material that I had learned during my first time taking the class.

In my Practicum for Anatomy & Physiology, I got to help with labs every Tuesday with a wonderful professor and mentor.  There is not much required for the class but to help set up labs and guide the other students to what they should be doing during those few hours.  We came in on a weekend before midterms and finals in order to set up a practical exam that would test what the students had learned so far. This Practicum class also required me to write a one-page paper about what was covered, how the students responded, what could have been better, and what I learned from the experience.  It served as a reflection paper to see what things can be improved for the next year to increase the success of how the labs work and how much more the students can learn. 

Being in a practicum has helped instill in me what I had previously learned in that class, as well as helped me gain more knowledge from what I did not quite pick up on the first time. It allowed me to connect to the students since I knew what the class required, as well as get a better feeling for what it would be like to teach the class on a regular basis. Furthermore, it helped me understand exactly how the students feel when they enter the laboratory or lecture period. If you ever have an opportunity to participate in a practicum, I would recommend that you do it! 

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