Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Introduction to New Blogger, Kathleen!

by Kathleen B., Panther Blogger

Hello!  I'm Kathleen, but most of my friends here at Ferrum call me Kat.  I'm originally from the Lake Anna, Virginia area.  Some of my biggest loves and dreams all have to do with writing. I've been in love with the pen and paper since I was a young girl. It is my dream to take my love and talent of writing and use it to influence those around me to rise above expectations and make the world a better place.

You're probably wondering how I found Ferrum College.  I actually heard about it from a family friend whose daughter graduated from Ferrum.  I journeyed three hours with my parents to tour the school and absolutely fell in love.  I love the mountains, so the scenery was a huge attraction for me.  But more importantly, the faculty was amazing. They worked with me and countless other transfer students to help us get settled in.

Ferrum has become home to me.  It is a smaller college, so everyone on campus is tight-knit and like a family to me.  The atmosphere here is light and happy. Among my favorite things about Ferrum are the professors and teachers.  I've become close with more than one professor on campus. They're all so kind and treat their students like their own children.  They can be hard on us at times but only because they want to see us do our best.  I've made amazing connections because of my professors here at Ferrum.  Because of this, I've been able to get internships for journalism.

Some of the many things that I am involved in are theater, campus ministry, the improv club, recreation club, and Theta Gamma Omega.  I will be acting as Pilar in this year's musical Legally Blonde.  As it is my first time being involved with a theater production, I'm very excited to show off my singing and acting talents.  I am also the Co-Director of our Campus Ministry's Praise Team.  I love working with the vocalists within Campus Ministry!  The Improv Club is all about improvisational acting. We do performances in the Panther's Den and in the theater regularly throughout the semester.  The Recreation Club is an amazing outdoors club!  We do hikes, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and many other activities as a group.  Theta Gamma Omega (OGO) is one of Ferrum's local sororities, and I am excited to be pledging them this semester!

I have many fond memories of Ferrum.  Perhaps my most vivid and beloved is of the Homecoming concert that Ferrum put on for the students last semester.  My friends and I had been anticipating it all day.  My best friend and I spent the night swing dancing and laughing.  I can still recall her laughter ringing out with mine. We often talk about that night and how amazing it was.

Ferrum College is truly a wonderful place.  I wouldn't be the person I am today without the professors and friends I have had the honor to meet here.

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