Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Busy Semester In Full Swing!

by Amanda R, Panther Blogger

This semester is going by so quickly!  Taking fifteen credits plus an E-term course this summer is keeping me busy!  My classes this semester include Human Anatomy & Physiology II, PE Experience for Adolescents, Motor Learning, Foundations of Profession Teaching, and Profession Teaching for Content Reading Literacy.  So far, I'm enjoying my classes, but the best part is my 40-hour internship at Franklin County High School!  I am currently working with a 10th grade girl's Physical Education class, and I love it!  I have assignments through my education classes where I am actually teaching the students and working on different skills with them.  It really is a great experience before I actually become a teacher!

Softball is getting into full swing!  With our first game on February 24th at Lynchburg, we have been practicing almost every day.  This season, we will be traveling to Florida for Spring Break and Alabama soon after!  Can't wait to get the season started!

- Amanda

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