Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ferrum College So Far

by Dannica B., Panther Blogger

I have been at Ferrum College for almost four months now and I have loved every day of it. There is so much to do here!  From free movie night to bingo to themed dances in the Panther's Den, there is always something fun to do!  Even though it seems like Ferrum is in the middle of nowhere, I haven't been bored yet! 

There have been many big events on campus this year, such as the centennial homecoming weekend and the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival.  Both events were a huge success. We had a huge concert on homecoming weekend, which included the Tams, an electric violinist, and other local bands. We also had a country-style dinner that took place outside and we also had a huge parade!  The Folklife Festival was a huge hit - they had so many activities that everyone could get involved in. They had coon dog racing, honey making, country bands, mule jumping, a car show, and so much more!  This festival happens every year and thousands of people attend - it is open to all ages. 
Dressed up and ready for the Great Gatsby party

We also have many mini-activities happening on campus almost every day!  We have a flag football game every other day and even though I can't play sports, they are so much fun to watch!  Sometimes we have bingo nights, which is a lot of fun and we also win prizes.  Most Thursday evenings, we have themed dances in the Panther's Den, which are so much fun and I always have a blast!  This past Saturday, we had a Great Gatsby-themed party at our local Ferrum Bar and Grill, which was fantastic because my friends and I all dressed up and danced the night away!  A lot of people are curious as to what there is to do at Ferrum, but there is always something to do.  You just have to get involved!

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