Thursday, February 7, 2013

Virginia: All Four Seasons in One Day!

by Rachel B., Panther Blogger

Winter on campus is an experience!  Between the snow, ice, and torrential downpours, students have to adapt to the situation the best that they can as they walk across campus.  The Ferrum grounds staff does an excellent job of keeping the sidewalks clear of snow, but earth worms are another story. These worms come out in the masses when it rains. This was quite a new experience for me. I am a farm girl, but never in my years have I seen such gargantuan worms!

The weather in Virginia can be temperamental. Being prepared is always the best solution! Umbrellas, rain boots, and the occasional poncho help shield you from the rain. This week, we have seen all four seasons in the course of one day.  It's really important to know that you should be prepared for any kind of weather here!

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