Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spirit of Adventure E-term 2016: Jesus Walked on Water - I Can't Stand on a Board

By Lacey Fralin

May 12, 2016 - On the third day of the Spirit of Adventure e-term, May 12th, we started our day with some outdoor yoga on the second floor patio. Personally, I participated in gymnastics from an early age and danced from age 8-18 years old. That experience made it easier for me to do some of the poses because yoga is a lot of flexibility and balance. After that, we walked to the World Methodist Museum where we learned about John Wesley’s childhood and life: the Wesley family belonged to The Church of England, John Wesley wrote a book called Natural Physick about his natural cures and John was 15th of Susannah Wesley’s 19 children whom she held to a strict regimen of rules that in the modern day would seem extreme.

This afternoon, we put on our swimsuits and plenty of sunscreen and got a lesson in paddle boarding. We paddled out on our knees and when we felt secure or comfortable enough, we could try standing up. I fell as soon as I attempted to stand. The people at the fitness center also brought out some white-water kayaks that we could use to go out on the lake. This little boat was much easier to maneuver and I liked it much better because I could go fast. I even started chasing a duck and was gaining on him. Photographers wanted pictures of young people having clean fun on the lake and I guess Ferrum students fit their advertising needs. Lake Junaluska is beautiful, let's help show it off.

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