Monday, May 16, 2016

Spirit of Adventure E-term 2016: Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

By Micaela Reddick

Today we went white water rafting and it was so amazing. We went around ten in the morning and experienced fifty-degree cold water but nevertheless we enjoyed every minute of it. While water rafting we worked as a team by paddling together in order to keep the raft headed down the course. The water rafting was such a good bonding experience, I got the chance to bond with people who I never thought had the same interests as me. During the water rafting, it was so peaceful and quiet. The sound of the water flowing was very serene and relaxing.

I was a little nervous trying something so different. I have had such a wonderful experience with trying different activities that involve water and nature. I’ve felt safe with life jackets and/or a swimsuit that prevented bacteria or creatures from touching my body. I also have kept bug spray with me wherever I go. The nature and spiritual feeling during this E-term has taught me to let go and just enjoy life for what it is, which is beautiful. I recommend everyone taking this E-term and explore adventures out of your comfort zone.

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