Monday, December 17, 2012

It's All Coming Down to This

by Laken P., Panther Blogger

After thirteen weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, memories I will never forget, and new faces that I now proudly call my friends, it is time to say that I survived my first semester of college. At the beginning of last week, the only thing that stood in my way of a trip back home to spend my favorite time of year with my friends and family was the ever-dreaded finals week. Final exams only bring on the inevitable:  nights with little to no sleep, hours of time spent in the library, caffeine, junk food and an incomprehensible amount of stress.  The pressure skyrockets as students often realize that everything they have worked for over the past semester rests in the fate of this one week. While I have spent the last few days in the library with limited contact to the outside world and a seemingly endless supply of chips, candy, and Starbucks, I have come to realize that while finals are important, they are not the defining moment of a college career.  There are many other activities and events going on throughout campus that not only help eliminate some of the stress of finals, but they also become the nights that we will never forget.

On December 7th, Ferrum hosted the annual semi-formal Snowball dance at a hotel in Roanoke. This year's theme was "Everything is Better in the Dark," and there were glow sticks and black lights everywhere. The dance was a chance for students to trade in the struggles and stress of college life for a chance to get out and have fun. I enjoyed being able to dress up, go out to eat, take pictures, and dance with my friends. It was almost like getting to relive the high school prom experience, in a little less formal setting. I know planning has already started for next year's dance, and I can't wait to make it one of my FC traditions.

Another big escape on campus is all of the Christmas-themed events. Every aspect of the Christmas spirit can be found somewhere on campus through tacky sweater parties, gift exchanges, coloring Christmas cards to send to children in the hospital, making ornaments, caroling and Christmas-themed dinners in the Caf.  Dorm rooms are decorated with lights, garland, and ribbons while small trees glow through the room windows, showing that just a few more weeks to go until the most wonderful time of the year.

I often say to myself that I wish writing papers for class were near as easy as writing my blog posts. I get so excited to tell everyone all of the great things that make Ferrum so special, and before I know it, the page is nearly filled. Even though I have only been on this campus for a few months, I have already met so many wonderful students, professors, and advisors who are willing to do whatever they can to ensure that I succeed. From eating everything in sight to try to use up all of our dining dollars, dressing up for Snowball, sitting in the library studying and writing papers, driving to the gas station just to make milkshakes in the machine, and attending Christmas parties with various clubs and organizations, I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade any moment of my Ferrum experience.

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