Monday, December 3, 2012

My Education Internship

by Maryann C., Panther Blogger

Every time a student takes an education course here at Ferrum College, he/she is required to complete 40 hours of internship time at a public school here in Franklin County. This semester, I was placed at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in an 8th grade physical science class. I really enjoyed working with my cooperating teacher and the students in each of her classes. I learned a lot and was able to improve some of my personal teaching skills.

I think it is great that the education department makes it a requirement for students to be in the classroom for 40 hours each semester. Many other education departments at colleges and universities do not have this extra time in the classroom incorporated into their programs. These other institutions only have the student teaching aspect.

The benefit of Ferrum College having the internship time for each education class gives students the opportunity to know if they really want to become educators or not.  Once students decide they want to continue with the education program, they are able to practice teaching skills and build relationships with the faculty and staff in the Franklin County Schools. It has certainly benefited me that I have been able to be in the classroom gaining experience before I even began my student teaching!

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