Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greeks Helping Others!

by Victoria B., Panther Blogger

Hello, all!

I am President of the local sorority Theta Gamma Omega, also known as OGO.  During September and the beginning of October, we held a campus-wide coat and teddy bear drive. We collected these items in order to donate them to the Rescue Mission located in Roanoke.  We collected coats of all sizes for the adults and children who use the services that the Rescue Mission provides.

OGO also teamed up with the local fraternity Mu Sigma Chi, or MEX, to take the items to be dropped off.  Upon dropping off our items that were donated, our two groups also volunteered at the Rescue Mission for their lunch shift.  We were involved in making hundreds of sandwiches for the needy and even helped serve in the cafeteria lines.  Both groups helped to clean dishes, prepare food, and help the Rescue Mission in many ways. It was very a humbling and beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Greeks and other groups on campus try to be involved in community service projects such as this as often as possible.  OGO and other Greeks try to be living examples of Ferrum's motto "Not Self, But Others."  Becoming part of a Greek organization on campus helped me to become more active both on campus and in the community as a whole. This is just one of the many benefits that becoming involved in this organization has done for me. For anyone who is interested in helping others, being involved in the community, and having fun at the same time, I strongly suggest "Going Greek!"

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