Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello from New Panther Blogger Jessa!

by Jessa K., Panther Blogger

Hi!  My name is Jessa.  I am from a small town in southwestern Virginia named Cana. It is very similar to the Ferrum Community. I am an English major with a minor in Spanish, and I am a sophomore at Ferrum College.  I intend to get my doctorate degree and teach college-level literature.

I heard about Ferrum during my sophomore year of high school because my best friend was looking at colleges and had fallen in love with Ferrum. As I drew closer to my senior year, I too began to receive information from Ferrum College. I found out that I qualified for the Boone Honors academic scholarship.  I actually applied to Ferrum as my back-up school in case my two first-choice schools did not work out, and they didn't.  However, I tell people all the time that Ferrum is my blessing in disguise.  While it was not my first choice, it has become my home. I love walking down the sidewalk and being able to say hello to all of my professors!  I was able to do literary research as a freshman and participate in two conferences with my findings. I find myself calling Ferrum home more and more.  There is honestly no place in this world where I would rather be receiving my education.

I am very involved on the Ferrum campus.  I am the founder and president of the Ferrum College Lions Branch Club. It is a service-based organization that focuses on health. I am also the secretary of the Spanish Club. This club is also a community service organization with a focus on the Hispanic community.  I am a member of the Boone Honors Program. I am also an Admissions Ambassador for the Ferrum College Admission's Office.  Being so involved in the Ferrum College community has allowed me to fully enjoy my college career so far!

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