Tuesday, May 29, 2012

E-term Heads to Alaska

All is well with everyone up here in Haines, Alaska. The students, Dr. Jasmine Goodnow, and myself on the Alaska E-Term are completely amazed by the scenery, majestic mountains and seascape that surrounds us. 

We finally arrived on Saturday, May 12 after many hours in the plane then on a ferry. The clouds and rain were obscuring most of the mountains but what we could see gave us a glimpse of what was in store. We set up our camp near the headquarters for the Alaska Mountain Guides (who are providing the tours, instruction and adventures) then toured the historic Fort Seward area. A large portion of the time so far has been spent learning the skills required to be certified in Wilderness First Aid. 

That is all about to change tomorrow. We will be gearing up then heading out for a two days of sea kayaking then backpacking into the base of a glacier for trekking and ice climbing. The rest of the trip when we get back consists of cultural tours, white water rafting and continuing to try a take in the surroundings.

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