Friday, September 14, 2012

Freshman Scholars: A Life-Changing Experience

(Blake was one of two students who worked on the cAMP Levels in Eschericia coli and Mycobacterium smegmatis project with faculty mentor Dr. Michaela Gazdik during the inaugural Freshman Scholars Program in summer 2012.)

by Blake S., Freshman Scholar and Guest Blogger

The Freshman Scholars program at Ferrum College was a life-changing experience for me. Throughout the course of the two-week program, I gained valuable insight on the profession I plan to pursue, made friendships that will last a lifetime, and grew stronger as an individual. Having the opportunity to work in a lab and perform research that may one day be used to stop a widespread disease is something very few people get to experience. Thanks to this program, I have been able to realize how passionate I am about helping others and how I can do so through laboratory research.

Alongside learning and gaining experience for my future career, I made a friend in each of the other scholars in the program. We created personal bonds with each other while participating in various activities, such as the ropes course, rock climbing, canoeing, and eating in downtown Roanoke. I know that I now have eleven new friends that I can go to if I am ever in need of some help.

The most important aspect of this experience for me was growing more as an individual. I've learned how I can make a difference in someone else's life and that being myself is easier and much more rewarding rather than trying to fit in with the crowd. Through this, I have become a more determined and stronger individual who is focused on achieving each of my dreams and aspirations. Thank you to all of those who played a part in the Freshman Scholars Program at Ferrum College for helping me to grow and learn more than I could ever imagine.  

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