Monday, March 18, 2013

Jazz Band at Ferrum

by Maryann C., Panther Blogger

I thought that I would take some time to write about one of the classes I am taking this semester:  jazz band!  Even though Ferrum College is not known for its music classes, the department still has a great group of teachers who make taking music classes an enjoyable experience for students. Since I am only involved with the jazz band, that is what I am going to focus on. However, I have heard many of the other performing music groups in the past and they are all great groups to get involved with as well.

In the jazz band, I play the alto saxophone. I played all through middle and high school and even during my first semester here at Ferrum College.  Then my major classes and other activities got in the way. Since this is my last semester, I have a bit more time for fun activities like jazz band. I am having a great time working with our director, Dr. Burnett, and the rest of the ensemble. We are a small group, but I think it's better that way. Dr. Burnett gets to know each of us as an instrumentalist, and we get to know each other's musical tendencies as well.  I think because we are a smaller group, we are able to match and blend better as a band.

We are playing a variety of music in this class, and it's great. We are playing some classical/concert band types of music, and we are also playing jazz and funk music. We have even started working on the theme from "Family Guy".  I am having a great time playing all different types of music, and it seems like the rest of the group is enjoying it as well. I think the most exciting part of this class is that we sound good - and I am not just saying that. As a whole, this jazz band sounds great. We have a concert in the Panther's Den on April 12th, so you should come out and hear for yourself!

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