Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All In a Day's Work

by Blake S., Panther Blogger

As a biology student, the weeks can easily become very long due to the large amounts of required classwork, lab work, and homework. However, there are a few ways to avoid becoming consumed by a busy and hectic schedule. One of the ways that I cope with my work is to keep a detailed planner of assignment due dates, scheduled meetings, and small tasks that need to be performed throughout the day. As I complete each of these, I cross them off of my planner, and take a small break to refresh my mind before jumping into another task.

Time management also plays a large role in being successful throughout a college career. Determining how much time is required to complete assignments (and how much time is allotted) can make a week's work much easier and less stressful. It is also important to set aside time throughout the day to take breaks and rest. During this time, your mind is allowed to process the large amounts of information that it has just encountered, and it will be more prepared for the next study or homework session.

My textbooks for this semester - spring 2013
Throughout a college career, you become aware of your limits and learn just how important it is to have some personal time. For me, I prefer to work steadily throughout the weekdays, and then participate in activities over the weekend to get away from the dorm and classwork.  Thankfully, Ferrum College provides many different ways for students to have some fun without draining the wallet. The monthly free movie, bowling, and bingo nights are great ways to take some breaks and have a good time.

Fly fishing trip
Also, the Ferrum Outdoors program here at Ferrum College allows students to participate in activities such as caving, mountain biking, and sailing for a great price!  A few of the Ferrum Outdoors activities that I have participated in are canoeing, kayaking, and fly fishing. These were day-long trips in which I was able to make new friends and do something I loved. Spending some time at the YMCA on campus is another great way to get your mind off of classwork and get in a good workout at the same time.

It's great that Ferrum College provides different ways for students to get away from all of the hustle and bustle that we deal with throughout the week. Being a college student is a job in itself, but if you participate in some of the offered activities, your time here at Ferrum can be much more enjoyable.

- Blake

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