Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun at the Zoo!

by Blake S., Panther Blogger

As a full-time college student, it can sometimes become difficult to arrange your schedule to make sure that you are providing yourself with plenty of free time to have some fun and get away from the stress that is associated with college coursework.  However, one of the greatest things about some of the courses here at Ferrum College is that they actually incorporate fun trips into their course requirements.

An example of one of these trips that I have recently participated in is touring the Carilion hospital in Roanoke, Virginia as a member of the anatomy and physiology class.  Throughout this tour, students are exposed to the many labs that are used in the hospital, such as the echocardiography lab, microbiology lab, and cardiac catheterization lab.  This is a great learning experience for students and allowed us to explore the numerous opportunities associated with the medical field.  However, perhaps one of the more intriguing field trips that I have participated in during my time here at Ferrum is a trip to the Zoo!

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital
(picture from

Just last week, I was given the opportunity to travel alongside the Ferrum College zoology class to the North Carolina Zoo.  I've got to say that it was, without a doubt, some of the most fun that I have had as a Ferrum College student.  While at the zoo, we were allowed to take a self-guided tour around the park and travel to all of the different exhibits.  One of my favorite exhibits was that of the aviary, in which there were numerous exotic and beautiful species of birds!  The chimpanzees and baboons were also pretty funny to watch, and the bears (my favorite animal) were astonishing!

This was a great opportunity to not only get away from campus and have some fun, but to also gain greater knowledge about the topic of zoology and get some insight from the workers at the zoo.  While there, we spoke to a number of different workers who provided us with advice regarding applying for work positions in the field of zoology after graduation.  Each of the individuals that we spoke to mentioned that they were able to obtain their jobs with just a bachelor's degree and plenty of work experience; as a college student about to graduate, this was a pretty promising thing to hear.

Overall, this was a great opportunity that I am very glad I was able to partake in, and I hope that many others will take advantage of this same chance to learn and grow as a student and individual.

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