Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Minds-N-Medicine Hosts a Blood Drive

by Paige R., Panther Blogger

On Wednesday, March 26th and Thursday, March 27th, the Minds-N-Medicine Club hosted a Virginia Blood Services Blood Drive in the YMCA.  Virginia Blood Services provides blood to the local community.  Every unit of blood that is donated can save up to three lives, directly fulfilling Ferrum's motto:  "Not Self, But Others."

As the President of the Minds-N-Medicine Club, assisting with the organization of the Blood Drive has become very special to me.  Up until the time I went to Zambia (check my video blog about that trip!), I donated blood at all of Ferrum's blood drives.  I am currently on deferral, but I will be able to donate again in August.

Daniel donating blood for
the first time.
Sticker that Virginia Blood Services
gives to blood donors.
Before each Blood Drive, our club holds sign-ups on campus.  One of my friends, Daniel, signed up to donate blood for the first time during this Blood Drive.  He signed up to donate during my lunch break, so I went and sat with him while he donated.

Virginia Blood Services
40-year anniversary t-shirt
Minds-N-Medicine Club member
Josh donating blood.
This experience was so rewarding for me because I had the opportunity to see Ferrum students taking a step to save lives.  While I observed students donating blood, I saw something change in them when they realized that what they were doing was going to make a significant impact on another person.  This event made me so proud of what the Minds-N-Medicine Club does and even more proud of the selflessness of Ferrum students.  Although this was the last Blood Drive I'll ever have the opportunity to assist with at Ferrum College, I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to see my peers make a difference.

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