Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Major, New Classes

by Dannica B., Panther Blogger

After changing my major for about the fifth time and still not knowing what major is right for me, I realized that maybe taking a few different classes in a few different subjects would be the right thing to do.  This semester, I decided to take an economics class to get a feel for majoring in Business Administration.  I'm also taking a recreation leadership class to get a feel for majoring in Rec along with other classes I need to take in order to graduate.  I absolutely love both classes and seem to be doing quite well in them. 

My economics class is a bit of a struggle, but that's only because I've never taken a business-related class before. My teacher, Professor Basu, is fantastic and always brightens my day by making jokes in class. He always gives the class the best advice and compares a lot of his lessons to situations that relate to college students to make it easier.  Therefore, I've never ever had a bad time in his class, and I look forward to attending it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

My recreation class is my favorite. We learn all about the outdoors and how recreation and leisure are huge factors in our lives.  Last week, we learned how to build a fire in the "Ferrum Forest" and had s'mores afterwards!  It was such a great experience!

Taking these different classes has given me a good idea on what major is best for me!  No class you take is ever a waste of time because each class will teach you valuable lessons.

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