Friday, October 10, 2014

A Guided Hike of Ferrum's DeHart Botanical Garden!

by Brett W., Panther Blogger

Every year, Ferrum College has a different overarching theme for both semesters that is chosen by one of the three different academic schools, which rotate turns to choose the theme.  In my freshman year, our theme was "Sustainability," which was headed by the school I am in - Natural Sciences and Math.  Last year, it was chosen and run by the School of Social Science and Professional Studies and was titled "Sustaining Community Engagement," which touched on philanthropy.  Well, this year, the theme was up to the School of Arts and Humanities, and they created the current theme titled "Roots and Routes."  Because the theme is supposed to be an integral part of life here at Ferrum College, many activities, speeches, and programs that occur through the year are part of the theme event.

Well, on October 4th, a guided hike of the DeHart Botanical Garden of Ferrum College was given to fulfill one of these theme events.  It took about 45 minutes by van to reach the site, and once we were all there and unloaded ourselves, we began the trek up the mountain.  Having Dr. Pohlad, my advisor and the head of the Horticulture Program, lead the tour made it all the better. We explored a cave, discovered a neon orange edible mushroom, and some people even ate a jelly fungus!  Being able to see and appreciate all these extra little things that Ferrum College has to offer really and truly makes me proud of my school and confirms my belief that this is where I am meant to be.

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