Monday, October 6, 2014

My Last Ferrum Homecoming as an Undergrad

by Stephanie D., Panther Blogger

Homecoming weekend is a weekend where alumni and current students come together and celebrate Ferrum College and all of its accomplishments.  This year, homecoming at Ferrum also included the family festival and the hall of fame inductees. Friday, September 26th started off with the family festival. There was a BBQ dinner along with live entertainment!  There was also a parade that showed off sports teams and clubs on campus. For this parade, we had a banner-making contest that the clubs and teams took part of to earn a cash prize!  On Saturday, September 27th, the Ferrum Football team played the Bishops from NC and lost by 4 points.  The game was awesome and the team played so well throughout the whole game.

Homecoming is also a chance to get to know alumni and make connections with those who have graduated and experienced "the real world."  Networking with alumni is a great way to get first hand knowledge on what steps to take after graduation. These alumni might even be able to get you a job!  Ferrum has the friendliest faculty and staff, as well as alumni, and it is very easy to make a new friend at every event that Ferrum holds. I am sad to say that this was my last homecoming as an undergraduate at Ferrum College, but it was my best one yet!

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