Friday, October 19, 2012


by Brett W., Panther Blogger

In high school, my four years were split between two commitments during football season: marching band and being the mascot. The two activities were not mutually exclusive though; when I was in the marching band, we would dance like crazy when the mascot was out, and then while I acted as the mascot, so much of my energy and movement came from the band in the stands. So, when I heard that Ferrum had no marching band at all – not even a small pep band – it made my job of “mascotting” a little bit harder and a whole lot less fun. During the first two games here at Ferrum, with my debut of being the new Panther, I had to play songs in my head and just feed myself my own crazy stunts, which is fortunately not that hard.

When Ferrum’s Homecoming came around on October 13th, I expected to do the same thing as usual. Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise. As the cheerleaders and I were walking to the stadium, the band was walking up with music stands and instruments! Though the Ferrum band is small, I guess the new director they hired this year decided to bring the band out and give it a try. I was so excited to hear what they would play and be able to once again feed off of the band’s music.

Well, as the game went on, the band did little ditties such as a kickoff drumroll, the Imperial March from Star Wars, and even a fight song with a chant to go along as well! In high school, when the band played the fight song, there was always a dance that I did as the Eagle; I figured, why not create a dance for the Panther? So I did. Anytime the pep band played a song, I did my own little dance which I now call the Panther Trot. (Yes, I know panthers don’t trot; horses trot. But there is a dance called the foxtrot, so does that make any more sense than this?) So next time the band plays and you see the Panther doing a dance, come join me and learn the Panther Trot!

As the game ended and everything started slowing down, I was so ecstatic about the experience of having Ferrum’s very own band play at the game, but I assumed that was where it ended and that this had been a one-time deal for Homecoming. Little did I know then, but as I learned later after receiving a campus email about it, Ferrum just recently got permission to start an actual, full-fledged pep band!  Hopefully now, the band will be at every game! My first homecoming experience as a whole was completely amazing with the band making it so much better. I look forward to my homecomings still to come, and a lot more crazy dancing memories I still have to make.

Also, I realize “mascotting” isn’t an actual word, but I’m coining it as a word. The act of being in a boycott is boycotting, so why shouldn’t the act of being a mascot be called mascotting? Think about it!

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