Wednesday, October 3, 2012


by Victoria B., Panther Blogger

Everyone is somewhat familiar with fraternities and sororities in college. For the past two years that I have been a student at Ferrum College, I have not been a part of a sorority. This semester, I decided to pledge for Zeta Chi Epsilon (ZXE). I have been friends with most of the members for a long time, and I finally decided that I wanted to join their sorority.
Me and a future sorority sister!

I am excited to go through the pledging process and to finally be a part of the Greek life on campus. Sororities and fraternities give you a family that you can count on to have your back and help you when you need it. I have just started the pledging process, but the members of ZXE already feel like family to me and I don't know where I would be without them.

My advice to you is that if you are thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority, GO FOR IT!  You only go to college once, and you can have a lot of great experiences with these groups. Just make sure that your grades and school work are your main priority!

Me with some friends in different sororities

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