Monday, October 15, 2012

My Last Homecoming as a Student

by Keenan L., Panther Blogger

Hello, everyone!!

This past weekend here at Ferrum was our Homecoming! It was such an amazing weekend for me to hang out with all my friends who are seniors and also seeing friends who have graduated within the last few years. Being a part of Student Government Association (SGA) allowed me to be hands-on with some of the events that were going on around campus! I think it was great to hang out with my other SGA members and decorate the campus for our homecoming.

This year’s theme for homecoming was “A Haunted Homecoming.” Everyone around campus got the into the Halloween spirit with the all the homecoming activities.

My most memorable part of homecoming this year was attending the football game with my friends, and a few new friends I met who attend Virginia Wesleyan College. Jasmine, Brittany, Katie, and Deven are four of the nicest girls that I have ever met, and they were very interested in student life at Ferrum College. Overall, our conversations comparing schools were GREAT, and I have decided that a few friends from Ferrum and I will visit Virginia Wesleyan to hangout with them and learn the way of life at their school. Being a senior Resident Assistant (RA) allowed me to have one night off from duty and I really got to enjoy my last homecoming as a student of Ferrum College.

Homecoming is one of the greatest moments in your life as a college student, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of it! Hope everyone enjoyed his or her weekend!

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