Monday, February 24, 2014


by Laken P., Panther Blogger

There is nothing that quite matches the level of excitement college students get at the words "SNOW DAY."  No, seriously - our actions and state of mind are probably equivalent to that of a five-year-old.  The inner child comes out in everyone as soon as the emails hit our inboxes and the texts light up our phones.

The spring semester has been known for its abundance of compressed schedules as the cold weather and snowy storms make it harder for students and professors to get to class on time, but "snow days" (when classes are completely canceled) are a rarity that students truly enjoy. 

There is something special about getting to act like a child and not have to worry about waking up for class the next day.  This past weekend came to students in the form of a four-day break as a foot and a half of snow brought the "Snowpocalypse" to Ferrum.

As the snow began to get deeper, our eyes became brighter as students jumped on the chance to go sledding, build snowmen, and hurl snowballs at each other.  There was even a snowman-building contest on campus sponsored by the school.  Since the weather brought the largest snowstorm many students had ever seen, everyone made sure to enjoy it as much as possible.

Once all the fun was over and the snow had melted away, we still had the memories of our 2 a.m. sledding adventures as we looked forward to our next strain of wintery weather.  Trudging all the way across campus in snow up to my knees just to take advantage of the biggest hills sounds like a crazy idea, but it will always be considered one of my favorite Ferrum memories.

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