Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello from New Panther Blogger Sam!

by Sam B., Panther Blogger

I am a small town boy from Floyd County, Virginia.  I plan on earning a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology.  I want to be a police officer in Richmond for 3-5 years when I will apply for federal jobs.  I hope to work for the Secret Service.

My sister, Rachel, went to Ferrum during my senior year of high school.  Ferrum's tennis coach came to Floyd to watch me play and did his best to recruit me.  I decided to come to a Panther Preview and I loved it.  The idea of Ferrum being a small community really appealed to me.

The best part about Ferrum is that the teachers actually care about the students and how they are doing in classes and even outside of class.  Being from a small town, this was very important for me. Ferrum has done a great job by providing me with opportunities to listen to professionals speak about the field I would like to enter; these professionals give myself and other CJU majors some tips on how to get to where we want to go.

I am involved in as many activities as my schedule can possibly handle.  I am in the Boone Honors Program, a Lions Branch Club member, a Ferrum tennis player, a member of the Honors Advisory Council, an Admissions Ambassador, just recently a Panther Blogger, and I participated in the Freshman Scholars Program.  I also have a work-study job at the Ferrum YMCA, where I was recently awarded Employee of the Month after my first month of work there.  The only other activity that I plan on joining next year is the Criminal Justice Club.

I already have many great memories with my friends and teammates at Ferrum.  My favorite memory was traveling and playing in my first tennis match as a collegiate player during my first fall semester.

- Sam

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