Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ferrum’s Honor Program

By Grant W., Panther Blogger

The Boone Honors Program here at Ferrum College offers many different opportunities that enhance the learning process on campus and gives students amazing experiences. The program is by invitation only and has many perks. One of the most beneficial things that the program offers is the Boone Honors Scholarship, which is awarded to students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Roberts Hall
Another important perk that was just recently incorporated on campus is the reserving of most of Roberts Hall for honors students as an academically-focused residence hall that promotes good study habits and community. The program also hosts different events, classes and programs that honor students get to enjoy for free while exercising and extending their minds to a higher level.

President Braaten and her husband with us at Cirque Du Soleil
Besides taking regular outings together each semester, the program also offers a trip for any honors student to attend, free of charge. Some past programs have included going to different plays, musical events, and historical landmarks. This past weekend, we went on a trip to see Cirque Du Soleil. Before each trip, we all go out to eat at different places in the area while we get to fellowship with friends. Some of the more exciting restaurants we have been to include Chinese and Indian restaurants.

The Honors Program is not all fun and play though; each student is required to take specialty courses and enrich their academic success with some extra work. This may seem like a daunting task since most students just try to graduate in four years; however, Dr. Lana Whited, the program director, along with any other professors pride themselves in working with their students to excel and succeed.

The program is a very well-constructed enrichment to any student’s academic career and will offer you many different experiences. The program has brought me many different exciting experiences along with providing me with tight bonds with professors and fellow students.


  1. yo man I remember you saying that you got accepted to South Carolina, I too recently got accepted to South Carolina and am stuck between Ferrum and USC. What made you chose Ferrum over USC? Do you ever find yourself saying you made the wrong choice and you should have gone to USC?

  2. Yes, I was accepted into USC along with JMU, GMU, Liberty, ODU, and a few others along with Ferrum. This made my decision a very difficult one. One of the main reasons that I chose Ferrum over USC or any of the other universities was the fact that I felt like an actual person and not just some number. Ferrum has provided me with many opportunities including being involved in many organizations, being the president of a fraternity, working with human cadavers, conducting independent research on tuberculosis and publishing my findings, priceless life shaping events, along with many other opportunities and accomplishments that I wouldn’t have had until much later if at all at larger universities. Another major reason I chose Ferrum was for the fact that when I had my visit here I felt right at home and had a peace that let me know that Ferrum was the right choice along with countless hours of prayer. Ferrum may seem like it is in the middle of no-where but I promise the college along with the surrounding community provides many opportunities and events for your pleasure. Ferrum has been the best choice in my life and I have never looked back once, to say what if. Along with providing me with many friends that will stay apart of me for life, Ferrum has given me many opportunities that have shaped who I am now and who I will become. Ferrum is truly a family and the professors here will bend over backwards to help you out. I missed one of my first exams ever and my professor emailed me asking where I was and when I wanted to retake the exam. Things like that do not happen at larger schools. Ferrum is what you make it, you define it. This statement is extremely true when if comes to academics and any other thing at Ferrum. Some people say Ferrum is not the best academic school, but I have a much different opinion. My academic career here has allowed me to be the best I can be and I wouldn’t trade my education for anything in the world, and I plan to get my Ph.D from UGA. I hope this helps you with your decision, and remember if you feel you have made the wrong decision there are always ways to change it. Hopefully I will see you next year on campus and good luck.