Monday, April 30, 2012

Greek Life at Ferrum College

By Anna B., Panther Blogger

Boredom is a choice at Ferrum College. Organizations and clubs are rich with a numerous amount of activities for each student. I am currently Student Government Association President; a founder, Vice President, and a sister of the local sorority Zeta Chi Epsilon (ΖΧΕ); a cheerleader; and a member of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

There are four sororities and four fraternities on Ferrum College’s campus. I pledged into a local sorority in the fall of 2010. The Greek community at Ferrum College is tight knit, and we are each different in our own ways but one in the same. Greek life does not possess the image everyone perceives. We enjoy having fun with each other as well as enjoying the time and opportunity to help our community. We have a certain amount of community service hours that we have to acquire, and it is a great feeling to know we exceed those amounts.
Leigh Ann & I. Best friends, roommates, ZXE sisters.
Being a part of Zeta Chi Epsilon has not only helped me with my leadership skills but also with networking skills, communication skills, and more. My ΖΧΕ sisters and Theta Chi Epsilon (ΘΧΕ) brothers are my family away from home, and we always have each other’s back. 
ΖΧΕ sisters with ΘΧΕ brothers
Whether it is hanging out one afternoon for a small cookout, getting together on a Friday night, doing community service on a beautiful morning, cheering for each other during an intramural sporting event, or simply studying in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) in the Library, we love spending time together! They truly are a great family to have and to be able to come back and visit after I graduate!


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. As a Ferrum College Alumni who was involved in Greek Life, I could not agree more with your posting!

  3. As an incoming freshman for Ferrum this really helps! Im more than excited to be at Ferrum this coming fall!