Wednesday, April 25, 2012



I love the Theatre Arts department at Ferrum!

I have met some awesome and talented people. The department also has great professors, such as Wayne Bowman and Sue Spataro. I have had the majority of my classes with them, and they have taught me so many awesome things!

I played Elizabeth in our Frankenstein performance

The plays and concerts we put on show just how hard we work. This year, I was involved with Frankenstein, Seussical The Musical, Collegiates Choir, and Handbells. They have been so much fun, and we all did a fantastic job with every performance.

I was a bird girl in The Seussical

Watch a video slideshow from our Seussical performance:

I just love the theatre and music here! :)

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  1. I'm hoping to be involved in Theatre at Ferrum so this was really cool to read.
    Ps My school did Seussical as well. I was Thing 2