Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Does This Apply to Real Life?


Throughout school, many of us ask ourselves how our classes apply to the daily lives we have, or even how the things being taught will be used in our future. I was one of those students last year until I started to see the opportunities that became available to me with my knowledge and desire to learn. I am majoring in Pre-Professional Sciences, and the science classes are just one of many topics which have a lot of information that must be retained. Pushing myself through grueling hours of homework and study sessions to pass exams, I have had both ups and downs with the sciences, and I almost changed my mind about what I really wanted to do. As quick as I began to question my abilities, I was asked to do several outside things that showed I was in this for the long haul.

I was asked to join the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, which is a week-long, interactive, conference-style meeting where interested students from several areas come together for the common interest. It allowed us to learn in a classroom environment, attend several meetings and medical school tours. It was at this point that I understood my true passion for the science field and the amount of knowledge one must have to pursue their dreams in the field. As I returned to school this year, I came full force and ready to learn about everything and anything I could. My next opportunity was when I was offered several positions to shadow doctors in Fredericksburg, as well as attend a second Forum that was held outside of the United States.
Slide with a fixed part of a mammal’s trachea (windpipe)
Science classes can simply be applied to almost everything that has evolved in and around the Earth. I have been able to apply my knowledge through other situations, like helping family and friends with health concerns, studying different diseases in microbiology, as well as explaining things like why we breathe from anatomy to friends. With all of the random things I know about the body, I’m sure some of my family and friends think that I may be a little crazy, but with this knowledge I gain from school, I will go further in life. It is kind of crazy how the sciences can lead to numerous opportunities and learning experiences, but there is a way that every class taken can be connected to real life.
Agar tubes to identify unknown bacteria growth

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