Monday, April 9, 2012

I Studied Abroad in Alicante, Spain!

By Vanessa T., Panther Blogger

This past summer, I was able to study abroad in Spain for a month. I got accepted into the Spanish program at the University of Alicante. My Spanish professor at Ferrum, Dr. Patricia Suppes, encouraged me to go because she saw this as a great experience for me. I went with the Center of Cross-Cultural Studies and was able to meet students from different colleges and universities as small as Lyon College and as big as the University of Florida. I studied Selected Topic Spanish 450 at the university. I was in an advanced class with students from China, Japan, France, Russia and Canada. I had the time of my life there and would recommend anyone to study abroad if they have a chance! Below are just a few photos I took while in Spain.

This billboard was one of the first things I saw when I arrived to Alicante, Spain. It was in the middle of the city and it was huge!

It says “Love me, like I love you – Alicante.” I was so excited to arrive and start my summer adventure!

This is a picture of me at the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante.

You’re able to see the entire city of Alicante and its beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea!

Las Hogueras de San Juan (“the bonfires of San Juan”) is a time for festivity in Alicante – it is the most important cultural festival in Alicante. Artists from each town create giant sculptures so that their town can win. This is a photo of one that was in the center of Alicante. The Hogueras Festival goes on for a week. Streets are closed and so are the schools and universities. My friends and I didn’t attend school so that we could enjoy the festivities! Yay! Schools closed!!!!

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  1. Studying in spain is really fantastic! I wish I can go back here soon!

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