Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Greek Brother Science Nut!


As a senior, I’m almost done with my undergraduate career, and I’m about to start the next phase in my life. But before I’m able to get my degree, my last hurdle, besides Organic Chemistry (see video clip below), is Senior Seminar.

Senior Seminar is a requirement for most of the science degrees that you have to complete before you can get your well-deserved degree. This class is extremely interesting because you focus on a topic of your choice; normally, it’s related to something you want to do in the future, and you research the topic to expand your knowledge in the field. This research doesn’t have to be your own study, but it can be.

I chose to conduct my own research with the help of almost all of my professors. I chose to research “The Effects of Ant Deterrent Factors Created by Photorhabdus Luminescens on Flesh Flies.” The title could use a little work, but it’s just about the effects of bacteria on flies. I’m in the end stages of my research, and if all goes well, I will have the opportunity to go to Argentina to present my research to a council of renowned scientists and get published. It’s the nerd in me that gets excited about science, but I’m okay with that.

Here is picture of me in class with a separatory funnel. We were making banana oil, which smells exactly like bananas and is the warning alarm pheromone for honey bees.

Check out my awesome video clip from a demonstration by Dr. Johnson that the chemistry department holds every semester!

Even though I’m kind of a science nut, I live a very active social life. Not everything has to be about school work; I’m a part of multiple organizations – some academic and others not so much. I’m a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha and I’m also a Delta Phi Epsilon sweetheart. These are just two of the great Greek organizations on campus.

All the Greek organizations are about bettering the community and having stronger, lasting relationships with the people in their organization. They are a great thing to be a part of and have made my Ferrum College experience just that much more memorable.
Alpha Class Delta Phi Epsilon sweethearts

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