Friday, September 20, 2013

Family at Ferrum

by Wynn, Freshman Scholar and Guest Blogger

As someone from one of the largest cities in North Carolina, I was suspicious regarding the alleged compassion of Ferrum's staff; for years, I had been told how unforgiving college professors generally are.  However, I have experienced and wholeheartedly appreciated the true kindness and all-around positivity of each and every staff member I have met at Ferrum.  The staff earnestly works with students to resolve conflicts and pushes students toward success.  My high school teachers did not know me on the level that the professors here did after less than one week in the Freshman Scholars Program!  The activities in the program made me feel as if I know the professors on a personal level that stretches beyond what I have considered to be typical student-teacher interactions.

No faculty other than Ferrum's would put so much time and effort into a program like Freshman Scholars. This program offers something that generally only graduate students have the opportunity to do; Ferrum is allowing freshmen to gain valuable experience and credit hours in the process.  As if the Freshman Scholars Program was not incredible enough, when I had a crucial appointment scheduled during the two-week program, the professors worked with me and changed the schedule to accommodate my personal needs and ensured that I did not miss an essential meeting.  The way they worked with me was far above the call of duty and I am genuinely stunned at the generosity of this faculty; however, this is commonplace with the Ferrum staff.

The kindness of the staff does not end with the professors; the dining hall staff always greets every person with a warming welcome, and I have yet to walk past someone who doesn't smile or give me a friendly greeting. The cordiality of the staff creates an environment unique to Ferrum; happiness and comfort spread to the student body, easily allowing friendships to blossom as everyone quickly becomes a welcoming face.  It is this positive environment that makes Ferrum feel like a genuine home so soon after arrival.

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