Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello from Panther Blogger Chris!

by Chris L., Panther Blogger

Hello, everyone!

My name is Chris and I am from Northern Ireland.  I live in the countryside near a village called Cullybackey, and I have a strong Northern Irish accent.  Back home, I have one sister and my mum and dad.  I love rugby and motorbikes -- Northern Ireland hosts the fastest road race in the world with speeds of 200 mph+ and an average speed of 133.977 mph per lap around a road track, which is crazy to watch!
Map showing where I live in Northern Ireland
County Antrim area where I live
As I am on a 4-year degree course back in Northern Ireland, I will study at Ferrum College for one year and then I will go back to Ireland to finish my degree. My major is business.  I picked Ferrum College mainly because it is set in the countryside, which suits me well since I live in a rural area.  As well as this when I was looking into Ferrum, I saw I could do an agriculture course in my second semester, which I am very interested in doing because my granda is a farmer.

As an international student, Ferrum College has made me feel very welcome. Everyone has been extremely friendly to me so far, which has helped me a lot because I am extremely far away from home!  I hope to take part in some of the Ferrum Outdoors activities which all seem like great fun!  I am only going to be here for one year, but hopefully, it will be a year I will never forget!

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