Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello from New Panther Blogger Dannica!

by Dannica B., Panther Blogger
Hello, everyone!

My name is Dannica, and I am currently a freshman here at Ferrum.  I was born in Huddersfield, England.  I have lived in Greensboro, North Carolina for almost ten years now, but I still have a strong British accent!  I have a small family of three and we call ourselves the three musketeers. I love them dearly and I love my family here at Ferrum too!

Huddersfield, England
Three Musketeers!

I chose Ferrum because the second I stepped foot on campus, I felt at home. I knew Ferrum College was the perfect place for me to attend right away. Ferrum sent me an information package through the mail, and after reading it, I instantly fell in love!  I came here with the intention of majoring in business, but I changed my mind only a few weeks before college started.  I'm now majoring in art and possibly minoring in psychology.  I plan on participating in the art club and possibly joining the dance team later on.  I may also join a sorority. I have many goals in life and one specific short-term goal is to graduate from Ferrum and to have an amazing time throughout my four years here. When I graduate, I plan on being an art therapist for children with disabilities.

One of my paintings
Ferrum has such a beautiful campus, and I've met some extremely friendly people who have made me feel so comfortable.  I've been here for a week now, and I have already met some lifelong friends.  I've already made so many unforgettable and amazing memories that I can't choose a favorite!  I've had so many great laughs with some of the most amazing people ever. I really do love it here and I am so happy I chose Ferrum!  I hope you guys have fun too!

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