Friday, September 20, 2013

Great Company, Research, Activities, and Food - An Awesome Experience!

(Sam was one of the two students who worked on the Buried Body Remains and Decomposition Rates project with faculty mentor Dr. David Nicholson during the 2nd annual Freshman Scholars Program in summer 2013.)

by Sam, Freshman Scholar and Guest Blogger

The entire Freshman Scholars Program, including working with Dr. Nicholson and my research partner Samantha (also called "Sam"), was a highlight of my summer. When I arrived at Ferrum for the program, I didn't know what to expect. I knew no one and I was very anxious.  Thankfully, Dr. Goff welcomed me with a smile and I immediately felt better. Research with Dr. Nicholson and Sam began on Monday, August 5th. We studied the rate of decomposition in a pig along with collecting and rearticulating a skeletonized deer.  Throughout the week, I got to witness as maggots, along with a variety of other insects, decimated a 12.2 pound pig.  Not only that, but I got lessons in criminology, entomology, crime scene investigation procedures, and anatomy.  Up until I participated in that program, I had never had more fun in a class setting than I did during those two weeks!
Dr. Nicholson

I am a big eater, so naturally, I love good food. The Caf is a great place to find plenty of that!  The breakfast food over the course of the program was nothing short of great!  I have not once gone in the Caf and not seen something that I wanted. Not only is there a large selection, but there's a lot of healthy food too!

My class experiences were great during the two weeks of the program, but I also had a lot of fun outside the classroom.  We participated in the low ropes course at Ferrum on one day, and that was a blast!  It was a team-building experience in which I really learned a lot about my fellow scholars. Throughout the week, I played a lot of basketball and tennis - I'm a sports junkie.  The next week, we went and conquered the high ropes course!  That was another great team-building experience. The Freshman Scholars Program was an awesome and action-packed two weeks!

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