Monday, March 26, 2012

Boredom is Impossible!


From playing lacrosse to writing articles for the Iron Blade to singing in the Collegiates Choir, I never get bored at Ferrum! I would not trade any of it for the world because of all it has taught me and how it has made me a better person.

My teammate and me at a lacrosse game
My lacrosse team is a great group of girls who work well together and constantly help each other become better players. Both of my coaches are the best!  I look up to them because they are both excellent leaders, positive, and they create a foundation for our team to constantly grow. 

Writing for the Iron Blade, Ferrum’s newspaper, has made me a better writer and a better leader. The responsibility of being an editor also helps me become a better writer and I learn a lot about different topics at Ferrum. 

Dressed & ready for a choir performance!
One of the other groups I am involved in is the Collegiates Choir, which is an elite select women's chorus group. The girls and my director, Sue Spataro, are my second family. We travel to different churches on Sundays to sing, and we also perform at the choral concerts. I love singing and the Collegiates make my experience at Ferrum so much more amazing!

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