Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Greetings from Ferrum College Student Blogger, Jordan!


Hey everyone! My name is Jordan and I am a sophomore at Ferrum.  I am 20 years old and I am from Virginia Beach. I’m a Theatre major, and I play on the Women’s Lacrosse team. I also am an Admissions Ambassador, in the Collegiate Choir, a Resident Assistant, Secretary of Residence Hall Association, and the Features Editor for the Iron Blade. I plan to be an actress and producer after I graduate!

What I love about Ferrum is that it has so much to offer and everyone is so welcoming.  I also loved the small community and the countryside of Ferrum.  Since I am a Theatre major, I love all of the professors and other students.  The professors are always willing to help and make each student better for the future.

Hope you come visit Ferrum soon!

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