Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greetings from Ferrum College Student Blogger, Brittany!


My name is Brittany, and I am from Fredericksburg, VA, which is located just between Washington D.C. and Richmond. I am interested in photography, field hockey, sign language, and sciences that deal with the structure or function of the human body.

I gained knowledge about Ferrum College from several letters that I received explaining the variety of programs offered. I officially decided to attend after taking a tour of the school and seeing how the classes were structured in small sizes, and the amount of hands-on work available. Another deciding factor was the interest shown by professors through the subjects they are most involved in.

Through the variety of classes, majors, and minors, Ferrum has prepared me and is still preparing me for my future career. It has provided a structure of professionalism, integrity, and a growing compassion to pursue the dreams I want to accomplish no matter how long it may take to get there. Over the next two years, I plan on graduating with a major in Pre-Professional Sciences and a double minor in Mathematics and Forensic Sciences. As for my long-term goals, I plan on going to graduate school to further continue my education on becoming a medical examiner.

Currently, I am involved in intramural volleyball, and also attending Minds-n-Medicine meetings when my schedule allows. I am also employed at the Starbucks on campus, and I usually work two to three days a week. When I have the opportunity, I volunteer at the Mary Washington Hospital back at home in Fredericksburg, as well as complete service hours for the community.

Brittany taking an order at campus Starbucks
Being at Ferrum for the past two years has had its ups and downs, but my favorite memory is the people that I have met who have helped me work to where I am and where I am going in life. Everyone on campus is wonderful and show that they care and have compassion for our dreams as much as we do. They have been there with guidance through almost every situation I have faced, and I am so thankful to have them here.

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