Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“You’re From Colorado! Why Ferrum?”


Recently, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Panther Preview (Ferrum’s Open House), where I got to answer the questions of people who were interested in coming to Ferrum College. Once I announced that I was from Colorado, I found myself answering the question “Why Ferrum?” over and over. So why did I pick Ferrum and what is it like being an out of state student? I personally have found it to be a great experience due to the fact that it has matured in many ways, given me new friends, and has allowed me to live in a state that I never pictured myself in!

Going to college is always a nervous step into the future, but I feel that being away from home has made me mature more than ever. Finding help on campus is never an issue since there are many tutors who are free to help, and teachers always give you their office hours so that you can go see them if you ever need anything. Keeping yourself busy on this campus is no problem since there are so many clubs you can join, from team sports up to academic clubs.

Meeting new people is easy since the campus is small and the probability of seeing them between classes is high. Being away from home hasn’t been much of an issue because the breaks have allowed me to travel home; for the times that the break isn’t worth taking a 5 hour flight, I go home with friends. Some students would rather stay on campus and are allowed to depending on the break and if given permission by the school.

Some of my swim team members and me at a training trip in Florida
Virginia is a state that I had never been to and is very different from Colorado. Never did I picture myself here, nor did I ever know what to expect once I got to Ferrum. Once I was finally here, I learned that the people are very friendly and everyone greets each other. On my way to campus the first time, my mom and I noticed that every car that was going in opposite direction would lift up one finger as they passed us; we later learned that around here, it’s just a common way of saluting people. During my first year here, I have made many memories already and hope to make even more!

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